Thursday 1 January 1970

Landing Page - ePrivacy Regulation

This is not a blogpost, which is why it appears to be published on Unix Epoch.

Here are my occasionally-updated notes on the ePrivacy Regulation and the other legislation in the growing family. Why keep private notes when all the world can keep them backed up for me?

January 2017 Texte Francais: Only available in PDF.

September 2018 English Text: Only available in PDF . I have seen extracts in French but I don't know where the entire version is.

PREMATURE VICTORY CELEBRATION, End-to-End Encryption is in: I have tracked down the different versions presented for Trilogue, which as of January 2019 has not yet finished due to arguments/lobbying from the online marketing people. ePrivacy appears to include EU Parliament LIBE Committee amendments from October 2017, including Article 26(a) “In order to safeguard the security and integrity of networks and services, the use of end-to-end encryption should be promoted and, where necessary, be mandatory. Member States should not impose... backdoors". Like all end-to-end solutions it will upset government spy agencies or any other party that might want to falsify the record through government-imposed backdoors, because such backdoors cannot work according to mathematics. I am astonished and delighted that this remains in the very late-stage text.

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