Thursday 1 January 1970

Landing Page - EU Cybersecurity Act

This is not a blogpost, which is why it appears to be published on Unix Epoch.

Here are my occasionally-updated notes on the EU Cybersecurity Act and the other legislation in the growing family. Why keep private notes when all the world can keep them backed up for me?

November 2018 - all finished. This is the Commission's announcement and explanations with links to all files and other handy places.

Final Text English: This is actually the 2017 text unchanged, but the big deal is that all 28 (yes, including the UK) states came to agreement not just on the text, but on all the things that the text calls for in each member state. Each state has a lot of work to do but there appears to be a lot of willingness.

Really Not Boring: Ok yes it is boring. But the impact really isn't. All member states have committed to implementing the security and privacy aspects of the other legislation in a uniform way. This really matters when it comes to mandatory notification of security breaches, and holding the major providers of infrastructure to a much higher standard - even if they no longer have water pipes, copper wires or radio masts.

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