Thursday 1 January 1970

Landing Page - European Electronic Communications Code

This is not a blogpost, which is why it appears to be published on Unix Epoch.

Here are my occasionally-updated notes on the European Electronic Communications Code and the other legislation in the growing family. Why keep private notes when all the world can keep them backed up for me?

What Is It? This is about protecting human-to-human conversation with old fashioned telcos and radio spectrum and the rollout of super-fast wireless broadband. And also... making sure a very large number of internet apps don't get cracked.

The  2016 Draft Text English was approved with lots of scrutiny, but the noise of the GDPR seems to have made it into a stealth law. That doesn't really matter because the companies most affected were involved, except smaller internet-age communications suppliers are likely in for a surprise.

Final November 2018 Text English is a consolidation of many updates and corrections, but all the substantive changes were to do with telecommunications operators, wireless spectrum and so on. The bits that affect privacy and other rights around TCP/IP remained more or less as they were.

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